[Theme of the conference]
Communication in Risk Diversity

[Symposium and Seminar] Sponsored by Kansai University
"Homeland Security and Risk Analysis: Under the military tension in Korean Peninsula"
Panelists: Arvai, Joe (USA: Councilor, SRA)
                 Aven, Terje (Norway: Presiden, SRA)
                 MacDonell, Margaret (USA: ex-President, SRA)
                 Shin, Dong-Chun (Korea)
                 Tsuchida, Shoji (Japan: Councilor, SRA)
                 Wu, Kuen-Yuh (Taiwan)
                 Zhai, Guofang (China)

a) Environmental risk assessment and management
b) Chemical risk assessment and management
c) Radiation risk assessment and management
d) Industrial and process safety management
e) Natural disaster risk
f) Food safety
g) Risk perception and risk communication
h) Economic and insurance perspectives
i) Emerging technology
j) Home and society risk
k) Risk governance
l) Crisis management
m) Homeland security